Analyze the use of contingency reserves in failed project

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Your analysis of the failed New Employee Orientation (NEO) project begins by examining the project costs. Use the NEO project plan components provided to help you analyze what happened in the project and determine where mistakes may have been made.
Use Microsoft Project to analyze the failed project with respect to project cost.


Based on your analysis of the failed project, consider how you can apply this information to a successful project turnaround. For each of the following topics, discuss the impact on the failed project and your recommendations for the turnaround project. Where necessary, define assumptions you made.

• Analyze the cost estimating techniques used in the failed project, such as top-down or bottom-up.

• Analyze the estimated costs of all the schedule tasks and resources.

• Analyze the use of contingency reserves in the failed project.

Attachment:- NEO Cost.rar

Reference no: EM13938188

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