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Analyze the header files of spams. The file is a collection of spams received by someone during 1998 March (, other spam archives could be found at:, etc.). You may use more recent spams collected there (if it is available). What you are required to do for this week is to analyze at least 10 spam emails there and answer the following


1. What are the common characteristics of these spam emails?
2. Have the spammers tried to hide their identity?
3. Where do the spams come from?
4. If the spam is a phishing email, can you trace back to the criminal's identity?
5. Do you know what email clients the spammers use to generate their spams?
6. What other forensic information have you identified there?

Minimum number of words 500, referencing style Harvard and the number of references two.

Make sure that there is no Plagiarism.

Reference no: EM13333997

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