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1.Analyze the concepts of the decision areas, language, terminology, core concepts, issues, techniques, and methodologies of operations, quality, and process management.

2. Evaluate how the operations of an organization can be used to gain competitive advantage.

3. Analyze how mathematical models are used to assist in making operational decisions in areas such as inventory control, statistical process control, waiting lines, capacity, project planning, materials requirements planning, and quality management, among others.

Reference no: EM131077284

How could a marketer capitalize on a link

How could a marketer capitalize on a link between personaality and product preference? Do you think this type of research is a worth while investment? Explain in detail?

How should the relation between drugs and human life

How should the relation between drugs and human life and health affect your views on drug industry monopoly profits? Explain. What would Adam Smith think about the “Drug Compa

Process sigma level for the silk screening process

A silk screening company prints 6000 decals per month. A random sample of 150 decals is taken every week and inspected based in four characteristics. The data for the last fou

Identified learned helplessness

Smircich and Morgan (1982), in an earlier reading, identified “learned helplessness” as a possible negative outgrowth of leadership. What is learned helplessness and how might

Management of employee welfare and employment discrimination

What are the correlations between Management of Employee Welfare and Employment Discrimination? How would the HR professional go about determining a curriculum and training me

Determine the objective function and constraints

f there was an opportunity to purchase additional units of each resource (as expressed by the constraints), based on the sensitivity analysis which resource(s) would you consi

Best approach while handling complex relationships

Which of the following is the best approach while handling complex relationships, such as the data for a company where employees can be assigned to more than one project and e

Discuss aspects of hrm

What aspects of HRM are you using, or have used, in your current or former jobs? If you do not have experience with HRM, does a career in Human Resource Management.


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