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Organisational behavior, read the guidelines and properly before starting the assignment.

Required Length: 2000 words

Organisational behaviour recognises that behaviour is influenced by both the specific workplace context, as well as the personal attributes (e.g., traits, values, interpersonal style) that people bring to their workplace. This assessment encourages you to critically reflect on how a personal attribute that is relevant to OB affects work outcomes, both for yourself and others.

You will be provided with a list of personal attributes on the LMS (see below). You will select one and work independently to analyse the OB research literature on your chosen attribute. You will also reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses with respect to this attribute.

Your analysis should demonstrate a clear understanding of the relevant academic literature. There is no minimum or maximum number of articles that you should read or include, but as a rough guide, a thorough analysis often means that you will be citing at least 10 articles from peer-reviewed journals. If appropriate, you should include references to additional credible sources (e.g., case studies, company reports, practitioner-focused articles).

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Reference no: EM13839500

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