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Task Description:

Revenue Management strategies include a wide range of opportunities to increase revenue in all the departments of the hotel. The hotel can utilise the different concepts to maximise and optimise revenues; however, not all can be used at the same time. Some of the concepts of the RM practised relate to pricing, inventory, marketing and distribution channels.

Your task is to identify the current industry trends affecting the successful implementation of revenue management strategies and tactics in the global and Australian hotel industry. From the macro-perspective, it is crucial to include these opportunities and threats into effective revenue management practices for the individual in business and property. Hence, you are required to analyse and assess the RM performance of a specific property based on the theoretical concepts discussed and your observation from the published information put forward for the group and property level.

1. Discuss reasons and the purpose of establishing an effective Revenue Management system in the hotel industry.

2. Identify current trends within the industry, which may pose opportunities and/or threats to the revenue growth and management within the whole hotel industry.

3. Comment on the following statement: "Airbnb as main disruptor within the industry will replace the traditional hotel". Ensure to incorporate RM related concepts to support your argument.

2.1 Group Level Analysis:

1. Use the STR data and the hotel's group data provided in the Appendix 1 & 2 to assess the whole hotel group's current, relative RM performance in the market and national comparison. Calculate the market penetration index and comment on the hotel group's comparative performance.

2. Are there any issues with using the national and market average STR data or the group data for a valid comparison with the competitive set?

3. Identify any current or future initiatives on the corporate group level, which may affect the effectiveness of revenue management strategies on the individual property level.

2.2 Property Level Analysis

1. As revenue management varies by the property and other characteristics, identify the following information of your property as starting point of your revenue management analysis, and outline the different departments which are potential sources of revenue generation for the hotel under investigation.

Number of Rooms

Under 100, 100-250, 251-500, over 500

Ownership Branded or independent


Type of Property

Full-service, limited-services, convention/ conference, Resort


City center, Smaller center, Suburban, Airport

Hotel/Resort Name




Hotel Web site


2. Discuss, whether the reginal area of operation of your hotel is undergoing significant trend changes regarding the MLoS, change in market segments, arrivals from specific countries and new supply of accommodation.

Note: "During the analysis it was felt that the hotel has included many pricing strategies and tactics across departments. Using the publicly available and accessible information, analyse, assess and evaluate the property specific revenue management strategy and tactics established in the operations."

3. Identify the foundation pf the RM strategy implementation of your property.
a) Review market segment mix and focus, as well as seasonal changes.
b) Assess the pricing position in the immediate competitive environment (1 -2 competitors for comparison purposes is sufficient).

Hint: The strategic outlook and goals may pose significant opportunities to facilitate and expand the implementation of effective RM practices on the individual property level.

4. Assess the RM strategies and tools, the hotel applied to its products, services, trading periods and market segments based on your observations through the group and property website, and other booking sites. Ensure to relate your observations to the underlying theoretical concepts.

Analyse main aspects of the RM decision-making framework the revenue managers of your property considered when implementing strategic and tactical revenue management practices:
a) Room-related Pricing Structure/Tools
b) Inventory Control/Management Strategies related to different room types
c) Distribution Channel Strategies
i. Global distribution systems
ii. Proprietary website/ direct channel (Promotions)
iii. Third party channel management
d) Non-room related services and packages

1. Ensure to address the existing loyalty programs and their role in the RM strategy.
2. To assist you in unveiling some of the underlying tactics, the analysis of the hotel's booking strategies around future major events in the area within the coming year assists your endeavour. Examples could be around national holidays, such as Australia day, Christmas, Easter, ANZAC day, Queen's birthday, New Year's Eve; or reginal events, such as Grand Finale Friday and Melbourne Cup, Sydney Festival and Madrigals, Great Barrier Reef Master Games and Cairns Show.

2.3 Conclusion
If you assumed the regional penetration indices applied to your property, evaluate the effectiveness of the current RM strategy and identify potential recommendation for improvements.

Attachment:- Task Description.rar


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The current assignment was based on the analysis of the market to which Sanghi-La Australia belongs. The various other hotels and the competition that exists in the market has been evaluated. Also appropriate recommendations have been suggested for the progress of the hotel.

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