Analyse an organisational response to change
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Question. Demonstrate the use of analytical tools to monitor the progress and the effect of change

  • Experiencing change - how volume, momentum and complexity play a part
  • Changing behaviours, how we react and recover from change
  • Resilience and competencies - people's change-ability and change capacity
  • How coaching can increase competence

Question. Assess monitoring and measurement techniques to change within an organisation

  • Leadership and management function, looking at a suitable approach and the dynamics of change
  • Six leadership practices
  • Leadership practices and change requirements, including change equation

Question. Analyse strategies to minimise adverse effects of change

  • Causes of change resistance - common barriers with examples
  • How to deal with emergent resistance using transformation curve (positive)
  • Handling resistance associated with negative perceptions using the transformation curve (negative)

Question.  Identify the processes to review the impact of the change

  • Achieving what was planned - how to judge a change project
  • Strategic vs operational evaluation - why you must do both
  • Success criteria (both hard and soft) and drawing up a change initiative spec
  • Applying measures to rate success - outcome and process valuations

Question.  Analyse the results of the impact review

  • Approaches to gather valid and reliable data
  • A review of data-gathering methods

Question:  Present the findings of the change analysis

  • Agreeing on the evaluation taking into account social and political dimensions
  • Learning from experience - three stages and double loop learning
  • Assessing the evaluation

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