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1. Should companies limit the amount of time employees work "off the clock" or at home after hours? Do you think this will force people to step back and take the time to prioritize?

2. Market research is essential when developing and introducing new products and services. Imagine you are creating a new product or service and think about what you need to know. Answer the following three questions: 1. How would you conduct quantitative and qualitative research? 2. What results would you be looking for before you release the product or service for general public use? 3. How could research help guide you as you promote the product?

Reference no: EM132183928

Given that projects are modeled as networks or flows

Given that projects are modeled as networks or flows, what makes project flows the same or different from other processes we have studied in operations? There are many example

Call center access time is in statistical control

A critical dimension of the service quality of a call center is the wait time of a caller to get to a sales representative. Periodically, random samples of three customer call

Create a process chart and flow chart

Create a process chart/flow chart to map the process of taking a license plate at Department of Motor Vehicle. Here are the process details: You enter the office and take a nu

Find aggregate production and workforce planning using chase

Berlin Becker, personnel No. 1002, is a Sales representative in Office 1100, Group 300 of Sales Organization No. 1200. He receives orders for the Pump UDP-500, the main produc

Titled multilevel readiness to organizational change

Read the article titled “Multilevel Readiness to Organizational Change: A Conceptual Approach”. Give your opinion on which two (2) means of diagnosing change are most relevant

Wholemark is an internet order business

Wholemark is an internet order business that sells the popular New York greeting cardonce a year. The cost of paper on which the card printed is $0.05 per card, and the cost o

Conducted informal meetings with management

You have worked for Beta Technology for six months. In that time, you conducted informal meetings with management and other hourly and salaried employees. Provide cases repres

About adverse selection and risk

Given what you know about adverse selection and risk, what, in your opinion, is the best way to provide insurance coverage to the poor and uninsured? Should the government pro


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