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While choosing appropriate words for business writing, which of the following is true? (a) always use a short word instead of a long word. (b) use a short word instead of a long word, even if the long word is more familiar. (c) use a long word if your audience prefers it (d) always use an acronym if one exits. (d) use technical jargon generously

Reference no: EM13856252

Create your own linear programming problem

Create your own Linear Programming problem: State the problem, with at least 3 decision variables and constraints. Solve using Simplex & analysis of the solution and recommend

Explain whether and how this adversely affected the magazine

While the ReadyMade magazine was still in the design stages, very little research was done to determine whether an interested market existed.Explain whether and how this adv

Compare the components of wal-marts inventory

Wal-Mart has one of the largest total inventory values of any American company. Compare the components of Wal-marts inventory to that of the Harley-Davidson. How do they dif

Both companies to implement postclosing integration

. Why is it often considered critical to integrate the target business quickly? Be specific. Given the complexity of these two businesses, do you believe the acquisition of Gi

An analysis of the elementary and complex verbal behaviors

The client and your target complex verbal behavior(s), An analysis of the elementary and complex verbal behaviors and operants that currently exists in your client's repertoir

The retailer identified new but potentially risky market

An on-line retailer that sells home and children’s items, such as children’s furniture, clothing, and toys, was seeking a way to reach a new audience and stop the declining sa

Very specific and compelling to their target market

The Clean Guys office cleaning company has a value proposition of, “America’s most trusted janitorial service and commercial cleaning company.” Their value proposition stateme

What is the optimal order quantity for this subcomponent

Machines 'R Us purchases a subcomponent critical for its most popular product from another manufacturer. The annual demand for the subcomponent is 4,000 units. The holding cos


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