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1. Mechanistic structures result when ________.    

A) employees work collaboratively and across several functions

B) most of the communication within the organization is lateral

C) extensive use is made of rules and SOPs to coordinate tasks

D) authority is delegated to people at all levels of the organization

2. A cell-phone manufacturer forms a temporary committee to find new ways to position its products. Identify the integrating mechanism used in this case.

A) integrating department       B) integrating role

C) task force    D) team

3. A mechanistic structure is characterized by ________.   

A) high levels of standardization         B) complex integrating mechanisms

C) decentralized organizational structures       D) rules that are defined informally

4. As compared to a tall organization, an organization with a flat structure is most likely to experience ________.      

A) fewer benefits of economies of scope         B) more communication problems

C) fewer motivation problems D) higher bureaucratic costs

5. Which of the following terms refers to a form of organizational structure in which people can be held accountable for their actions because they are required to act in accordance with well-specified and agreed-upon rules and standard operating procedures?

A) an organic organization      B) a matrix organization

C) a bureaucracy          D) an autocracy

6. Which of the following is the most direct effect of decentralization?  

A) the specific environment of the organization gets stabilized

B) the time required to make decisions increases

C) the monitoring burden on top managers is reduced

D) the flexibility of the organization decreases

7. ____ teams are work groups consisting of people from different work areas who are empowered to direct and coordinate different projects.

A) Transitory B) Cross-functional

C) Contingent D) Transactional

8. Rose supervises Iris, who in turn supervises Violet and Daisy. Violet has four subordinates and Daisy has six. Which of the following options represents the accurate spans of control for each of these supervisors?

A) Rose 13, Iris 12, Violet 4, Daisy 6 B) Rose 3, Iris 12, Violet 4, Daisy 6

C) Rose 1, Iris 2, Violet 4, Daisy 6      D) Rose 13, Iris 2, Violet 4, Daisy 6

9. Which of the following statements is true regarding organizational structure?

A) Most organizations have a pyramid-like structure and fewer and fewer managers at each level up in the hierarchy.

B) Most organizations have the same number of managers at all levels in the organization.

C) As the number of hierarchical levels increases, the number of communication problems decreases.

D) As the number of levels in the hierarchy increases, the relative difference in the authority possessed by managers at each level increases.

Reference no: EM131151707

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