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Marie Boone was preparing for a follow-up appointment with the Hastings. To take advantage of an international "fare war," Marie had already booked the Hastings' flights to and from London, but they had not yet discussed the all-important vacation particulars such as accommodations, sight-seeing, and transportation options within Great Britain.

Marie wondered, "What advice should I give them about the type of trip they should take?" Marie realized that this trip was the first major vacation the Hastings had ever had. She tried to put herself in their shoes.

"If I were Mrs. Hastings, what would my expectations be? How comfortable would I be in a foreign country, even if it were English-speaking? How confident would I be in planning activities and getting around to all the sights? And which sights would I want to see most?"

Marie also wondered how action-packed the trip should be. After all, the Hastings were retirees. She wondered how much relaxation should be built into their itinerary.

How appropriate is it for the Hastings to use a travel agent? Could they do this on their own?

Reference no: EM13841217

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