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Project management software and apps continue to be improved with advanced features and integration with other technology. The decision on which project management software to use depends on the company’s needs, size of business, and industry. Cloud-based or online project management applications are popular choices. Mavenlink is a vendor that provides easy-to-follow video tutorials through their online resources. With Mavenlink, you can track project timelines, collaborate on tasks, manage team activities, and integrate with Google Apps, QuickBooks, and Salesforce from a single workplace environment. Visit Mavenlink's website at Scroll to the bottom of the landing page and click TUTORIALS. A YouTube video will launch. Watch the video. Also search for the Mavenlink: Online Project Management on YouTube, which was posted by a client,

Question: What did CloudBase3 identify as shortcomings or cons of Maven link?

Reference no: EM131133507

Business law secured transactions uniform commercial code

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