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Because of the reduced use of the highway, demand in the secondary market for gaso- line falls by 30,000 gallons per year. There is a stiff tax on gasoline, one that existed prior to the new toll. Assuming that the marginal cost of producing gasoline is $1 per gallon, that these marginal costs are constant (i.e., the supply schedule is horizontal), that no externalities result from the consumption of gasoline, and that the gasoline tax adds 30 percent to the supply price, are there any additional costs or benefits due to this shift? If so, how large are they?

Reference no: EM131227347

Rights to a new video game he has developed

A young software engineer is selling the rights to a new video game he has developed. Two companies have offered him contracts. The first contract offers $10 000 at the end

Suppose that the quantity of land increases

In the Malthusian model, suppose that the quantity of land increases. Using diagrams, determine what e¤ects this has in the long-run steady state and explain your results.

Family experiences of husbands and wives

Do gender expectations affect the family experiences of husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters? What differences have you experienced or observed?Does the family unit

Determining the ordinal utility functions

Suppose that Ann and Bill both have ordinal utility functions U(h, z) = α log(h) + (1 - α) log(z), with 0 ≤ α

Estimate the age of the model in the ad

Suppose that a sample of 50 people is randomly selected at a shopping mall. Each person in the sample is shown a typical cigarette advertisement and is asked to estimate the

Present values of the additional revenues

At the end of the second year the increase to their revenues again would be $140 per bicycle. Thereafter, there are no increases to their revenues. At which of the following

Analyse the economic impact of the rise

In this case study, you are required to analyse the economic impact of the rise of the 'shared economy 'or 'collaborative consumption' on a particular industry or market. Th

Lowers the cost of producing a good might

A technological revolution that lowers the cost of producing a good might at first result in a reduction in the price of the good to consumers. But a fall in price will incr


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