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When a physical product cannot easily be differentiated, the key to competitive success may lie in adding valued services and improving quality. Using a residential swimming pool as an example, identify six main service differentiators.

Reference no: EM131437263

Longitudinal study over cross-sectional study

Under what circumstances would a researcher choose a longitudinal study over a cross-sectional study? Give a specific example of a question that could be addressed with a long

State where contributory negligence is the law

Mrs. Robinson (in the Volkswagen Audi case) never establishes residency in Arizona, returns to New York, and files her case in federal district court in New York, alleging div

Efficiency of the production operation

What would you expect the layout of a producing facility to look like (in other words, what is the process layout for such an operation). What would determine when someone h

Project management and project portfolio management

Compare and contrast project management and project portfolio management. Discuss the issues involved in selecting and managing a portfolio of projects for an organization. Wh

Research on competencies needed by middle managers

Research on the competencies needed by middle managers in hotels was conducted by Brophy and Kiely. The study was conducted on three-star hotels in Ireland using input from bo

Determining the reorder point

The injection molding department of a company that operates 24x7 uses an average of 20 gallons of special lubricant per day. It takes two weeks for an order of lubricant to be

Competitive advantage and effective value chain management

Provide Two (2) examples of companies that HAVE been successful in the integration of customer delight, profitability, competitive advantage and effective value chain manageme

Many organizations use ARIMA method to forecast

Why should or should not many organizations use ARIMA method to forecast? Please elaborate. What types of business forecasting scenarios do you think ARIMA would work particul


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