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According to the Master Production Schedule (MPS) of a company, it is required to develop a timetable for the development of two products (A & B) in the next five periods (currently in the period 5). These finished products have a lead time of one week. The products are made using different components in different amounts, to achieve a high quality product and concerted specificities. The management of the company has told the Planner that the requirements for periods 6-10 are illustrated. Based on the information provided, answer the following questions:

a. Whereas there Scheduled Receipts for products C and F, 10 and 5 units, respectively, for the period July, it may be met with demands (show tables MRP)?

b. After a meeting of S & OP, tell the Planner to revise the plan for the periods 6-11 according to the following requirements and information:

i. The Scheduled Receipts for both products will not arrive until early September period.

ii. Products B 15 are required, instead of 5, for 10 weeks.

iii. It takes 20 to 15 products A and B, respectively, for week 11

Can he complied with the demands (illustrious tables MRP)?

Reference no: EM131029071

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