Accessible without disturbing any of adjacent nucleosomes

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In an experimental template having perfectly placed 5 nucleosomes there is a single EcoR1 site buried near dyad axis of the 3rd nucleosome. Is it possible for a modeller to make this site accessible without disturbing any of the adjacent nucleosomes?

Reference no: EM131342431

Explain what stage of meiosis each cell might represent

In sampling cells of a diploid plant species(2n=18) at random and measuring their DNA content, a geneticist obtained the following results. Explain what stage of meiosis eac

Explain how the plasma membrane acts as a semi-permeable

The plasma membrane acts as a barrier in cells of all types to control the movement of substances into and out of the cell. a) Explain how the plasma membrane acts as a semi

Which is correct element of alternation of generations

Which of the following is a correct element of alternation of generations? a. The gametophyte is haploid and produces spores. b. The gametophyte is diploid and produces game

How many matings would have to make with parents

If the original black guinea pigs produce an average of 10 offspring per mating, how many matings would you have to make with these same parents before you'd expect to see a

Explain the importance of the scientific method

a.How can you explain the occurrence of birth defects (caused by altered genes) in children and grandchildren of WWII atomic bomb victims, when the victims themselves were o

Question about potassium pump

Will net flow of K+ move out of the cell indefinitely? No, when enough K+ has flowed out of the cell, the interior of the cell will become negatively charged, which will resul

Define biodiversity and how it is most commonly measured

Define biodiversity and explain how it is most commonly measured. Now consider the various ways to define a species (i.e., species concepts) covered in the readings and explai

A patient with numerous food allergies

A patient with numerous food allergies was found to have a defect in TGF-beta production. Why might these two issues be related and what other problems might this patient deve


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