Absolute terms of demand at the equilibrium

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Vintage champagne has the following demand function Qd = 100 -2P and a supply curve given by the following Qs=20. What is the value of own price elasticity in absolute terms of demand at the equilibrium?

  • 1/4
  • 1/3
  • 2/3
  • 4
  • infinite

Reference no: EM131199884

Different approaches to safety management

There are three different approaches to safety management - organizational, engineering, and individual. Discuss the focus of each of these approaches, giving examples of a

Method of determination-established target

Describe each metric with regard to its method of determination, established target, and time duration upon which it is based (are these quarterly goals, yearly, bi-annual,

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Use the direct method to allocate support costs to each of the two principal operating departments, Engineering and Computer Sciences. Prepare a schedule showing the support

Prohibited activities of public employees

According to the text, the Hatch Act defines prohibited activities of public employees. Analyze the significance of these prohibitions with regard to an individual's politic

Explain the link between education and economic development

Question 1: Explain the link between education and economic development found by Easterlin. Does higher education for the elite or basic education for the masses have a larg

How the us accommodates disabilities through the americans

To begin with, revisit how the U.S. accommodates disabilities through the Americans with Disabilities Act. Next, choose a country other than the United States and Japan to r

What are the main ethical issues in the given case

What are the main ethical issues in the case? Who is responsible for each of the ethical issues you have described? Why? Who were the silent bystanders and what should they ha

National origin discrimination on the basis of policy

If these employees bring a claim of national origin discrimination on the basis of this policy, what is Morales' best defense? Explain.


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