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Decide on a product or business that you want to Market on the Internet. You will begin to outline your Internet Marketing Plan. Make sure you use the APA format including the title and reference pages. Using the seven-step e-marketing plan outline, develop 1-2 pages that addresses the following: Describe the product or business. What need does it fulfill? Why is it a good idea to deliver this product or service over the Internet? Describe the positioning strategy for your campaign. Outline the objectives of your strategy. Identify and describe the target market of your campaign (Who are you selling to? Be specific.) Perform a SWOT analysis for your product or business. Develop a domain name for your website; why is this name the right domain name for your business? Does it tie back to your positioning strategy? Develop a budget for your marketing plan.

Reference no: EM131399950

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According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, why would a routine job be motivating in an undeveloped country like Somalia, yet not motivating in developed countries?


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