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1. How might organisations gather current information about labour supply relevant to their specific industry or skill requirements? Provide at least 10 examples.

2. Outline what industrial relations are and how they can assist organisations in maintaining a skilled workforce. You might need to conduct your own research to answer this question. (100–150 words)

3. How has Frank Addante's view of equity changed?

Case Study Harvard Business School: Frank Addante, Serial Entrepreneur.

Summarize Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility, 4th edition 2017 book, chapter one and two.

Reference no: EM132279705

What are the current trends in consolidations and mergers

What are the current trends in consolidations, mergers and acquisitions within the past few years? What is expected in the future? What are some of the opportunities and risks

Calculate the time required and check the accuracy

Here's the given information: Since the computer had done most of his calculations in the past, Justin decided to check to see if the computer was the source of the problem. W

Service costs of employing additional checkout clerks

There are approximately 300 customers shopping in Fackert Department Store in Mexico City between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturdays. All those entering the store will make purcha

Arriving patients can receive treatment immediately

The emergency room at HSI serves patients who arrive according to a Poisson distribution at the rate of 9 per hour. Treatment takes an average of 6 minutes and the treatment t

Ensure that the activity was accomplished as planned

Describe a work (or school, athletic, etc.) activity in which you have been involved, and provide two examples of controls that you or your manager implemented to ensure that

Why forecasting important in organizations

Why is forecasting important in organizations, especially as related to understanding the relevant time horizon to develop a forecast against? What are some examples from indu

Act requires businesses to bargain with unions in good faith

A potential disadvantage of commission incentives for employees is uneven levels of income over time. Merit pay increases focus on past employee performance and reward past pe

Compute the productivity ratios for the old

Compute the productivity ratios for the old also the new production systems. You have to report to the Operations Manager on the impact to productivity of your new process.


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