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1. Find an article or other resources about Data Mining is used in an interesting context. (Note: Data Mining is used in almost every type of enterprise, from retailing to crime fighting). Summarize the article and comment on how Data Mining has improved 'best practices' in that context. In other words, how has it made a difference? 300-500 words. Cite the article or resource.

2. Richard deeds a plot of land to Todd University. The deed contains the following language: "To Todd University, as long as the college remains an exclusive men's college." Richard has given Todd University: a. A gender bias interest. b. A fee simple defeasable. c. A fee simple absolute. d. A remainder.

3. The Celiberti Company has a lease agreement with Delugo Commercial Property. Celiberti assigns its lease to Higgs Art Gallery. Which of the following is correct? a. All of the answer choices are correct. b. Higgs acquires all rights that Celiberti had under the lease. c. Celiberti is released from all obligations to Delugo. d. Higgs may never sublet the premises.

4. Cassidy asks her friend Marina if she can borrow her car. Marina agrees to allow Cassidy to use her car for the day. Which of the following is correct? a. This is a gratuitous bailment. b. Cassidy owes a duty of highest care to protect the car. c. Marina is a bailor here. d. All of the answer choices are correct.

5. The rule of liability of accountants for negligence to third parties that is most favorable to the accountant is: a. The Restatement of Torts. b. The Foreseeability Standard. c. The Ultramares Doctrine. d. None of the answer choices is correct.


Reference no: EM132185136

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