Ability to develop brand as source of competitive advantage

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Do ethical practices affect a firm’s ability to develop brand as a source of competitive advantage? If so, how does this happen? Can you think of brands that are a source of competitive advantage at least in part because of the firm’s ethical practices?

Reference no: EM13843833

Predict which engineer is more likely to break the law

Fred and Ted are engineers. Fred loves his job and hates his employer, whereas Ted loves his employer and hates his job. Can you predict which engineer is more likely to break

Blogs and unauthorized websites

Please note your reply must be comprehensive. This denotes that all work must include proper title page and bibliography. The use of "wiki's" are unacceptable in academic wo

What are the six standards of quality health care

What are the six standards of quality health care defined by the institute of medicine ?explain one of the standards and give example and what is pay for performance ?How ah

Use loose terms and general characteristics

One of the most common mistakes by business owners is their inability to visualize their target customer. Specifically, business owners use "loose" terms and "general characte

Century by policies enacted to protect infant industry

South Korean film production companies have been protected for half a century by policies enacted to protect an infant industry. But beginning in July 2006, the days that loca

What are the underlying economic causes for this difference

The pipeline industry has approximately 100 companies, as compared to the motor carrier industry which has 50,000. What are the underlying economic causes for this difference?

How may this affect the marital deduction

By will, D left Blackacre to A for life, remainder to B. D's residuary estate was left to S, D's spouse. Both A and B effectively, under Section 2518 disclaimed their interest

Higher utilization ratios than those other systems

A loan processing operation that processes an average of 7 loans per day. The operation has a design capacity of 10 loans per day and an effective capacity of 8 loans per day.


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