A statistician was testing the following hypotheses

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A statistician was testing the following hypotheses: 

Ho: μ = 500 vs. Ha: μ ≠ 500.

The p-value approach was to be used. A sample of size 49 gave a sample mean of 508. Given that σ = 30.2, and α = 0.01, find the p-value, and write your conclusion.

Reference no: EM13240857

Investigate the hypothesis that dvd revenues

Fully investigate the hypothesis that DVD revenues are larger on average when the box office revenue is in excess of $100 million. State all required assumptions, indicate y

Creation of a design and implementation team by roles

Write a proposal paper (1,250-1,500 words) for a major change project that you would like to lead.Identify a health care issue that interests you and explain why. Develop a ra

Illustrate the phenomenon of state dependent memory

Many experiments have investigated the concept of state-dependent memory. Participants learn a task in a particular state-say, under the influence of a drug or not under the

Problem regarding the competitive prices

A retailer entered into an exclusive agreement with a supplier who guaranteed to provide all products at competitive prices. The retailer eventually began to purchase suppli

Mean and variance-binomial distribution

A television station estimates that 50% of college students watch the super bowl. For a sample of 120 students selected at random, what is the mean and variance of the numbe

How much should it cost

The purchase price is $25 per tire if fewer than 200 tires are ordered, $16 per tire if 200 or more, but fewer than 8,000, tires are ordered, and $25 per tire if 8,000 or mo

A scientist desires to estimate the proportion

Suppose that a scientist desires to estimate the proportion? of monarch butterflies with a special type of marking on their wings. Suppose he captures monarch butterflies on

Difference between the observed and expected frequencies

Using this information and the criterion of 2, indicate for which of these cells there is a significant difference between the observed frequencies and expected frequencies.


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