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Human Resource Management, a management discipline that contains the practices of maintenance of human capital of any organization, the employee, the manpower. It is a major challenge for the companies to identify quality employees and motivate them to retain in the organization. These challenges in turn affect the performance of the company. So, the HR plays an important role in the organization to work on these challenges.

This project report concentrates on Human Resource Management and contains:-

1.      An Executive Summary which will provide the overall view of the Project report.

2.      Introduction and Need of HRM

3.      Methodologies and Data Collection Techniques used to prepare the Project Report.

4.      Findings and Discussions

  • The role of HR manager
  • General HRM activities
  • Strategic Environmental Analysis
  • Approach to HRM
  • Reinventing HRM
  • Discussions and managerial implications.

5.      Conclusions and Recommendations

6.      References used to prepare the project report.

The HR needs to ensure creating a culture of workforce diversity and develop strategies to help employees adjust in global organization.

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