A project report on banking system
Course:- Financial Econometrics
Length: 45
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This report will help Bank Muscat in identifying the areas which require their attention for growing their mortgage lending business and making a larger part of its overall business. The volumes of the Baituna loans will be analysed and trend analysis of the volumes will be carried out to check the flow of loans over the years to determine its market share.

This project report includes:-

1.      Abstract

2.      List of figures

3.      List of tables

4.      Chapter 1: Inroduction

5.      Chapter 2: Background and brief history

  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Bank Muscate
  • Mortgage and lending market
  • Baituna: House loan offering by Bank Muscate

6.      Chapter 3: Literature Review

  • Conventional Mortgage
  • Islamic Mortgage
  • Rise of Islamic banking in Oman
  • Various stages in life cycle of the product

ü  Introduction stage

ü  Growth stage

ü  Maturity stage

ü  Decline stage

  • An analytical approach towards selection of bank loans for process of evaluation.
  • Risks in lending business and its management:-

ü  Credit risk

ü  Operational risk

ü  Market risk

ü  Risk management

ü  Assessment of borrower's creditworthiness

7.      Methodology

8.      Findings

9.      Recommendations

10.  Conclusion

11.  References

12.  Appendices

  • Comparative statement of comprehension
  • Comparative statement of financial status
  • Comparative ratio analysis of bank Muscate.

Bank Muscat has a decent market share and should take steps to sustain its competitive advantage over the other banks. It should work on its weakness - outdated product and low volumes - and also grow ahead in view of its potential for the next few years. The bank should also keep a constant tab on its competitors so as not to lose out its competitive advantage and market share.

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