A machine can operate for an average

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A machine can operate for an average of 8 weeks before it needs to be overhauled, a process which takes 9 days. The machine is operated 5 days a week. Compute the availability of this machine. (Round your answer to 3 decimal places.)

Reference no: EM13757684

What is the optimum number of reams to buy at one time

A printing company estimates that it will require 1,000 reams of a certain type of paper in a given period. The cost of carrying one unit in inventory for that period is 50 ce

Janice smith is an expert in calligraphy

Janice Smith is an expert in calligraphy. However, it is found that a specialized robot can imitate Janice's work perfectly (or at least close enough). Variable costs are 85%

What is the labor productivity in units per worker

C&A produces 249 units per day using 21 workers on a 6-hour shift. On average, 29% of the units produced are defective and must be scrapped. What is the labor productivity in

Effectively compete against large low-priced competitors

Walmart, Ikea, McDonald's and Southwest Airlines adopted the business practice of minimizing costs to pass the savings on to customers, and have advertised their companies as

Direct style of communication

Sarah, a long-time employee, is given an Android and told to keep it with her at all times should the company need to contact her. Why might Sarah resist this change? What i

Employee branch of a large auto parts chain

Dalmar has worked for 22 years at a 40-employee branch of a large auto parts chain. Business has been very bad lately, and there are rumors of consolidation, reorganization,

Describe a global present day business

Describe a global present day business that has been under pressure to perform better due to competition from competitors and has transformed successfully using information sy

Calculate the contribution margin per unit

Martinez Company’s relevant range of production is 9,000 units to 15,000 units. In the most recent period Martinez produced and sold 13,000 units, its revenues and costs were


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