A book review on unfaithful angels
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Authors might have written this book focusing on defining social work as community work, which is not necessarily bad but that is only one perspective of social work. The needs of the society are different today and there is a strong possibility that if there would be other authors writing the same book today, Then there might be a different reflection or insight on the entire profession.

This review covers:-

1.      Abstract

2.      Significance of book review

3.      Emergence and evolution of Social work

4.      Social work in United states

5.      Curriculum of Social Work

6.      Important incidents of the Book

7.      Social work as community work

8.      Different reflection and insights on entire profession of social work.

9.      Social work in India

10.    Summary of the book

11.    Social media workers in New York

12.    References

This book is useful tool in understanding the history and the comparisons made between community work and private practice, but I feel that the question isn't of how the social workers deliver services but rather, a matter of serving people who need help. 

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