A bacterial cell uptakes and incorporates exogenous dna

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1. A bacterial cell uptakes and incorporates exogenous DNA; this results in development of new features within this cell. Name the process.

2. You stain bacterial cells with crystal violet and then counterstain with safranin or carbol fuchsin. This allows you to find the groups
your bacteria belong to. Name these groups.

3. This enzyme was found in heat-resistant bacteria Thermophilus aquaticus and now is widely used in molecular biology and for
diagnostic purposes. Name this enzyme.

4. Name the diseases caused by the following pathogens:
1) C. perfringens
2) C. botulinum
3) C. tetani

5. If a child has three copies of the genes of 21st
chromosome, which disease does he suffer from?

6. Name the organ which produces the following hormones:
1) insulin
2) triiodothyronine
3) somatotropin

7. In peas yellow color A dominates over the green a, and smooth seed shape B dominates over the wrinkled b. Set the color and the
shape of the seeds with the following genotypes:
1) aaBb
2) Aabb
3) AaBB
4) aaBB
5) Aabb

8. Specify the definition and provide the equation of the Hardy-Weinberg principle. 

Reference no: EM13739682

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