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Ngaruwahia Golf Course sits on the banks of the mighty Waikato River. This club is an easy 10 minutes' drive north of Hamilton and an hour's drive south of central Auckland along State Highway1.

The course was established on the present site in 1964 as a 9 hole course within the Ngaruwahia Race course. It was developed into present 18 hole course in 1971 and has enjoyed one of the largest membership bases in the Waikato ever since.

The clubhouse was built in 2003 after the members fundraised almost $1.5 million. It has proven to be a huge asset for the community as well as members.


1. Club building, grass in front and flag in motion at right hand side.
2. Trees with shadow on left hand side of the building.
3. Pond and sand path alongside, man, golf stick and golf ball.


1. 3D Animation using in Object Modelling and methods
2. Selection of the object mode or edit mode -

Selection tool menu- Render Setting-



Camera will move from front side at fast speed and focusing on building and flag. The flag will be in motion. Then the camera will move to left side for next scene. Building will be shown as brick building, glass window and grass at front.

The camera will move from building to tress which are on the left hand side of the building. This scene will show tress, shadow and clouds. The camera will be positioned in front to capture the complete scene as stated above.

This scene will consist of view on the front side of the building. It will show pond, sand path. A man will be shown as hitting the ball. Golf ball will be following a path and will show animation. The ball will be moving towards the camera as an animation.

Attachment:- Design - Ngaruwahia Golf Club.rar

Reference no: EM131451322

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