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Video Compression Technology

Compression is performed when an input video stream is analyzed and information that is indiscernible to the viewer is discarded. every event is then assigned a code - normally occurring events are assigned a small number of bits and rare events will have codes more bits. These steps are usually called signal analysis, quantization and other is variable length encoding correspondingly. There  are   4  methods   for   compression, vector quantization (VQ) ,  discrete  cosine  transform  (DCT) and discrete wavelet transform (DWT).

Discrete cosine transform is a lossy compression algorithm that samples an picture at regular intervals,  analyzes  the frequency pieces present  in the  sample,  and  rejects those frequencies which do not affect the picture as the human eye perceives it. DCT is the beginning of standards like H.263 , H.261,MPEG, andJPEG.

Vector quantization is a lossy compression that looks at an array of data, as an alternative of individual values. It can then simplify what it sees, compressing redundant data, even as at the same time retaining the preferred object or data stream's original intent.

Fractal compression is  a  form of VQ  and  is also  a  lossy compression. In thisCompression is performed by locating self-similar parts of an image, then using a fractal algorithm to produce the sections.

Like DCT, discrete wavelet transform mathematically transforms an image into frequency components. The procedure is performed on the entire image, which differs from the other methods (DCT), that work on minor pieces of the desired data. The effect is a hierarchical representation of an image, where every layer signifies a frequency band.


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