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Matlab - Use MATLAB from Microsoft Excel

Use MATLAB from Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet LinkTM EX links up Excel® spreadsheet software with the MATLAB® workspace, allowing developers to approach the MATLAB environment from an Excel spreadsheet. Employing  Spreadsheet Link EX software, developers can interchange data among MATLAB and Excel, taking reward of the companion Excel interface while getting at the visualization capabilities  of MATLAB and computational speed.

Cardinal Prominent Attributes of Spreadsheet LinkTM EX

Data preprocessing, viewing and editing in the companion Excel® environment.

Intellectually appealing analysis of Excel data employing application toolboxes.

Legal transfer of Excel based applications, employing  MATLAB as graphics engine,  Excel as an interface and  computational engines.

Capable of acting on option of usable functions employing  the MATLAB Function Wizard

Visual interface for custom-make of all Spreadsheet LinkTM EX penchants.

Spreadsheet Link EX is particularly practicable as an array editor for considering and editing out data in  synergistic manner in any MATLAB application. Any of the  data that developers can import into Excel can be communicated to MATLAB for visualization and investigation. The connection among MATLAB and Excel is alive and calls for no arbitrate files or low-level inter-process programming.

Working with Spreadsheet LinkTM EX

Spreadsheet Link EX prominent attributes an Excel spreadsheet add-in that renders the functions that link MATLAB and Excel. The add-in deals interprovincial communications among MATLAB  and Excel via ActiveX. Excel renders a companion interface that permits developers modify and look at the data. Spreadsheet Link EX permits developers authorize data and commands that operate on it to the MATLAB.

Managing the Link and Manipulating The Data
With Spreadsheet Link EX, Microsoft Excel turns to be  an easy-to-employ application-development  and data-storage front end for MATLAB. Developers work with Spreadsheet Link EX operates from an Excel worksheet or macro without entrusting the Excel environment. Developers can employ the Excel interface to edit out and look at the data and then employ Spreadsheet Link EX to communicate data and commands to MATLAB. Developers can communicate data stored in an Excel spreadsheet to the MATLAB workspace. In  similar manner, developers can easily bring data from the MATLAB workspace into an Excel spreadsheet.

The MATLAB workspace comprises all the variables produced by Handle Graphics®, MATLAB and  associated toolboxes. MATLAB functions can access and apportion the data in these variables and developers can call the same MATLAB functions fromExcel Visual Basic® subroutines or functions,   macros, Excel formulas.

Since both Excel  and MATLAB are capable of being protruded, developers can formulate and integrate own data analysis techniques and  functions:

Watch and direct the link among the two software environments.

Initiate MATLAB mechanically when developers initiate Excel.

Channelize data among Excel and MATLAB in both  the directions.

Accomplish  MATLAB function at once from Excel

Make use of the MATLAB Function Wizard to visually move the complete list of MATLAB functions and  assign input data and run a picked out function.

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