Transport Layer, OSI 7-Layer Network Architecture Assignment Help

Computer Networking - Transport Layer, OSI 7-Layer Network Architecture

Transport Layer

Its functions are:

  • Multiplexing/Demultiplexing: Generally the transport layer will create different network connection for each transport connection essential by the session layer. The transport layer may also create numerous network connections (to get better throughput) or it may multiplex several transport connections onto the same network connection (because creating and maintaining networks may be costly). In the latter case, demultiplexing will be required at the receiving part. A main point to note here is that communication is always carried out among two processes and not between two machines. It is also called as process-to-process communication.
  • Fragmentation and Re-assembly: The data received by the transport layer from the above session layer is split up into smaller units (fragmentation) if needed and then passed to the network layer. in the same way, the data provided by the network layer to the transport layer on the receiving side is re-assembled.


  • Types of service: The transport layer also decides the kind of service that should be provided to the session layer. The service may be absolutely reliable, or may be reliable within certain tolerances or could be not reliable at all. The message may or may not be acknowledged in the order in which it was sent. The decision about the type of service to be provided is taken at the time when the connection is established.
  • Error Control: If reliable service is provided then error detection and error recovery operations can be performed. It provides error control method on end to end basis.
  • Flow Control: A fast host cannot keep pace with a slow one.therefore, this is a process to regulate the flow of information.
  • Connection Establishment / Release: Transport layer also establishes and releases the connection across the network. This need some sort of naming method so that a process on one machine can point out with whom it wants to communicate.

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