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Work, Power and Energy - Power, Average Power, Instantaneous Power, Physics

Power: It is described as rate of work done with respect to time. There are two kinds of power:

(i)         Rate of doing work is known power. It is a scalar quantity. If velocity vector creates an angle θ with the force component, then 392_power.png

(ii)        In rotator motion: 1483_power1.png

            Since P=dW/dt 

                  305_power2.pngTherefore area inside power-time graph is same to work done.

Average Power 

In a given interval of time it is described as net work divided by net time.




Instantaneous Power (P)

The instantaneous power of an agent is described as the limiting value of the average power of an agent in a small time interval, when the time interval tends to zero.

Thus, if DW is work done in a small interval D t, then instantaneous power is shown as

                  817_power4.png                                                                                                    ... (i)

Now,          2213_power5.png      

Again,2434_power6.png, the instantaneous velocity of the particle. Therefore,      1327_power7.png                     ... (ii)

Thus, instantaneous power of an agent is calculated as the dot product of its instantaneous velocity and the force acting on it at that instant.

If  θ is angle between  and , then P = F v cosθ

In caseθ = 0o, P = F v


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