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Physics is a part of science that covers the study of matter and energy and of relations between the two, in other way we can also say that physics is the general analysis of nature conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves.

Physics is one of the oldest subject maybe the oldest one. Physics used to be a part of usual philophy along with chemistry and certain other branches of mathematics and biology too. But the time passed and in the natural science separated itself from these branches and emerged as an important research subject on his own right. Physics works in combination with a number of other subjects like biophysics and quantum chemistry so the limit of physics is not firmly defined. Physics makes difficult role through new technologies that comes from theoretical advance. For example new types of research or findings in field of electromagnetism and nuclear physics have led us directly to the modern society where we live today.

Classical physics: Classical physics combines the traditional branches of this subject that were framed before the 20th century in which some vital are classical machenics, acoustic optics, thermodynamics, these are related to study of the force on a body or bodies which are in the rest. In past times Electricity and magnetism was considered as a single stem of science since the link was discovered found.

Modern physics: Generally we can say that classical physics is connected with the study of matter and energy on abnormal scale while much of the modern physics is connected with the behavior of matter and energy on a larger scale.

Physics spans over wide range of phenomenon from the elementary particles to the larger aspect of galaxies. Therefore physics is sometime called the "fundamental science. It aims to explain several phenomenons that happen in the universe. There are some major fields of physics that includes condensed matter, Atomic, molecular and optical physics, High energy or partial physics, astrophysics etc.

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