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We are now familiar with the software classification (system software and application software). In this chapter, we will discuss application software. Application software comprises programs that enable users to operate certain tasks like conducting analyses, making presentations, creating documents etc., without writing any code. Some examples of application software are database programs, word processors, communication programs, and spreadsheets. Applications are divided into horizontal applications and vertical.

Vertical applications are those that cater to the needs of a specific business function. They are used to automate the operations of a specific business function. Vertical applications cater only to the particular function in an organization and therefore, operators or special programmers are needed to carry out these applications. Hence, these applications are more expensive than horizontal applications. Examples of vertical applications are accounting software and bill preparation software.

On the other part, horizontal applications are general-purpose programs that may be used for carrying out numerical calculations, writing, and data storage. They are common across different functional divisions of business and may be used by anybody in the organization. Personal productivity software is a popular horizontal application that adds word processing, spreadsheets, and useful programs for storing addresses, preparing schedules, etc.

Presentation graphics software is also a type of personal productivity software. It may be used for preparing slides and making presentations. Multimedia software that can be used for photo editing and desktop publishing, and programs for the Internet such as e-mail programs and web browsers are also part of horizontal applications. Horizontal applications may be used for business as well as general purposes. The use of application software may enable efficiency in operations. For example, in a store, if bills and reports are generated using software, it is likely to be quicker and more accurate as compared to manual calculations.


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