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Kohlrausch's law

(1) Kohlrausch law states that, At time infinite dilution, molar conductivity of the electrolyte can be expressed as the sum of the contributions from its individual ions which gives 1744_kohlrausch law.png where,     914_kohlrausch law1.pngand 1224_kohlrausch law2.png are the number of the cations and anions per  formula unit of electrolyte respectively and, 726_kohlrausch law3.png and 1801_kohlrausch law4.pngare molar conductivities of the cation and anion at infinite dilution respectively. The use of above stated equation in expressing the molar conductivity of an electrolyte is can be given as

The molar conductivity of the HCl at infinite dilution can be expressed as, 650_kohlrausch law5.png

; For HCl,29_kohlrausch law6.png and 434_kohlrausch law7.png So, 2134_kohlrausch law8.png;  Hence, 1576_kohlrausch law9.png


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