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History of Theory of Computation

  • In the year 1936 Alan Turing invented Turing machine, and proved that there exists an unsolvable problem.
  • In the 1940's the stored-program computers were built.
  • In the 1943 Pitts and McCulloch invented finite automata.
  • In the year 1956 Kleene invented regular expressions and proved equivalence of regular expression or limited automata.
  • In the year1956 Chomsky described Chomsky hierarchy, which organized the languages recognized by the different automata into the hierarchical classes.
  • In the 1959 Rabin and Scott introduced nondeterministic finite automata and proved its equivalence to finite automata.
  • 1950's-1960's more works on grammars, languages, and compilers
  • In the year 1965 Hartmantis and Stearns defined time complexity, and Lewis, Hartmantis and Stearns defined space complexity.
  • In the year 1971 Cook showed the 1st NP-complete problem, the satisfiability prooblem.
  • In the year 1972 Karp Showed many other NP-complete problems.


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