Fixed-Income Analysis and Option Pricing Assignment Help

MATLAB in Finance - Fixed-Income Analysis and Option Pricing

Fixed-Income Analysis and Option Pricing

Cash Flow Analysis

The toolbox extends time-value-of-money practicality that permits developer:

Estimate present and future measures

Decide nominative, effectual, and qualified inner ranges of return

Compute amortization and depreciation

Find out the periodical interest rate paid on a loan

Basic SIA-Compliant Fixed-Income Security Analysis

Securities Industry Association or SIA-compatible analytics are supplied for setting, generate, and predisposition analytic thinking for authorities, incorporated, and domestic fixed-income protections. Particular analytics admit:

Accomplished cash flow date, cash flow amounts, and time-to-cash-flow representing for a bind

Cost and grant maturity

Length and convex shape

Developer can terms paced and zero coupon bonds with Fixed-Income Toolbox.

Basic Black-Scholes, Black, and Binomial Option-Pricing

Financial Toolbox allows tools that permit developer:

Apply a measure market model of impartiality setting with Black and Black-Scholes formulas

Calculate the sensibilities of selection Greeks, such as lambda, theta, and delta

On Financial Derivatives Toolbox, developer can terms equity and fixed-income derivative instrument utilizing a grade of models and methods, admitting Heath-Jarrow-Morton and Cox-Ross-Rubinstein models.

Financial Time Series Analysis

Financial Toolbox allows a accumulation of tools for the analysis of time series data in the financial markets. The toolbox admits a financial time series physical object that defends:

Date math, admitting business days and vacations

Data transformation and analysis

Technical analysis

Charting and graphics

The Financial Time Series tool allows a commodious interface for making, dealing, and controlling financial time series objects admitting translating to or from MATLAB numerical arrays. Developer can as well load data in the tool immediately from a file, database (with Database Toolbox), or financial data feed supplier (with Data feed Toolbox).

Introductory GARCH Estimation, Simulation, and Forecasting

Financial Toolbox admits tools to contribute with uni variate GARCH models. These tools permit developer:

Compute parametric quantity of a uni variate GARCH(p, q) model with Gaussian conceptions

Simulate uni variate GARCH (p, q) subroutines

Calculate specified variances

Econometrics Toolbox admits developer get with additional GARCH models.

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