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Matlab - Financial Derivatives Toolbox

Financial Derivatives Toolbox: Model and analyze equity and fixed-income derivatives

Put into service  Financial Derivatives Toolbox Treeviewer tool to envision Implied Trinomial Stock Trees and  Hull-White Trinomial Interest Rate Trees.

Financial Derivatives Toolbox software allows Financial Toolbox software with tools for canvassing and prototyping fixed-income derivatives, equity and  securities depending on interest rates. Developers can employ the toolbox to compute sensitivities, prices, execute hedging  and  view price evolutions studies employing  common fixed-income modeling and equity methods.

Cardinal Prominent Attributes

Computes  sensitivities and prices of  exotic equity options and vanilla employing  the, ITT , EQP, CRR  model.

Computes the cost of any set of corroborated instruments established on the structure of  interest-rate.

Computes sensitivities  and prices of fixed-income instruments employing  the BDT, HJM, HW and BK model.

Provides strategy for downplaying the cost of hedging a portfolio contributed a set of target predispositions and understating portfolio predispositions given maximal target price.

Working with Equity Options

The toolbox renders functionality for modeling the development of stock prices employing  the Implied Trinomial Tree (ITT) , the Equal Probabilities (EQP), the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein (CRR) method. With these distinct time modeling methods, developers can produce trinomial  or binomial  trees and illustrate the expected stock price for every node in the tree with the comparable volatility. The toolbox in addition, renders functionality for computing prices  of the portfolio and predispositions established on  trinomial and binary equity price tree.

Financial Derivatives Toolbox corroborates the following equity options:


Vanilla ( Bermuda, European, American)




Working with Fixed-Income Instruments

Financial Derivatives Toolbox comprises functions for determining the sensitivities  and prices of respective financial instruments established on interest-rate curves. Developers can implement the functions to a portfolio of various types of instruments or to groupings of instruments of the similar type.

The toolbox in addition, renders functions that employ the  Hull-White (HW), the Black-Derman-Toy (BDT), Black-Karasinski (BK), the Heath-Jarrow-Morton (HJM) models to compute sensitivities  and prices for other financial instruments.

Financial Derivatives Toolbox corroborates the following fixed-income instruments:

Vanilla swaps

Bonds and options on bonds

Floating-rate notes and fixed-rate.

Discretionary cash flows

Floors and caps.

Creating Portfolios and Hedging Strategies

Financial Derivatives Toolbox renders functionality for implementing hedging strategies and pricing portfolios. Developers can:

Make  and carry off portfolios that constitute respective types of financial instruments.

Compute the sensitivities and price for each instrument and the total portfolio.

A way of regarding situations for the outcomes either  graphically or  numerically.

Define a hedging strategy employing  picked out instruments within a portfolio to accomplish a cost or  target sensitivity.

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