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Enterprise Collaboration Systems:

The world is witnessing an information and communication revolution. IT has changed the way people interact. The Internet has brought about a fundamental change in the way we work, shop, communicate, learn, and play. Businesses have also benefited significantly through the use of the Internet. The speed and efficiency of business transactions have improved drastically. Business deals that took months to finalize are now closed within hours. Besides, the Internet has helped streamline the business processes of organizations. The use of Internet technology for strategic advantage helps organizations improve efficiency and compete globally.

The Internet has also had an impact on customers, who have become more demanding as they now have more information about new products and services. The speed of the Internet has changed every aspect of business, be it customer interaction, relationships with partners, or supply chain management.

IT helps organizations communicate, coordinate, and collaborate both within and outside the organization. Systems that facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration to help people work together are known as enterprise collaboration systems. The three main components of an enterprise collaboration system are electronic communication systems, electronic conferencing tools, and collaborative work management tools. Workgroup support systems comprise groupware that facilitates linking of workgroups located in different geographical regions. Multimedia is another popular tool for enterprise collaboration. It helps in making presentations more interactive and interesting.

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