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Data Link Layer

This layer provides reliable transmission of a packet or data by using the services provides by the physical layer which transmits bits over the medium in an unreliable manner. This layer is concerned with:

1.  Framing: Breaking input data into frames (typically a few hundred bytes) and caring about the frame boundaries and the length of each frame.

2.  Acknowledgment: Sent by the receiving end to inform the source that the frame was received by the system without any error.

3.  Sequence Numbering: To recognize which frame was received.

4.  Error Detection: The frames could be damaged, missing or duplicated leading to errors. The error control can be done by link to link basis.

5.  Retransmission:  Packets are retransmitted if the source fails to receive acknowledgment.

6.  Flow Control: Necessary for a fast transmitter to synchronize with a slow receiver.

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