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Computer Networks:

Over the past couple of decades, there have been many developments in the field of computing and communication technologies. With the advances in communication technologies, the need for information sharing and dissemination through computer networks is being widely recognized.
A computer network can be described as an inter-connected collection of autonomous computers. In other words, a network links two or more devices and enables sharing of information between them. Computers are told to be interconnected if they are able to inter change information. They can be connected through a fiber optic cables, copper wire, microwaves, or communication satellites.

A major part of networking is scalability. Scalability is the ability to gain system performance gradually as the workload increases. For example, a scalable network system could be one that can start with just a few nodes but may easily expand to thousands of nodes. Any device which is connected to the computer network may be termed as a node in this case. Nodes may be computers, printers, servers, switches, routers, cell phones, hubs, etc. A node has an address on the network and makes use of the computer network as a medium of communication.

A computer network is a data communication system where two or more computers are linked in order to exchange data (documents, sheets, etc...) and share resources like (CD-ROM, Printers, Storage Devices). The computers on the network can be linked through cables, radio waves, telephone lines, infrared light beams, or satellites. 

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