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Application Areas of Linear Programming

In practice linear programming has proved to be one of the most widely used technique of managerial decision making in business industry and number other fields. In this section, a few of the broad application areas of linear programming will be discussed.

1. Industrial Applications

2. Management Applications

3. Miscellaneous Applications

4. Administrative applications of linear programming

5. Non-Industrial applications of linear programming

6. Use of Linear Programming in India

Remarks 1. Use of Linear Programming in India. Linear programming has been used in a variety of Indian Industries in both public and private sectors for a achieving maximum profit by utilizing the available resources in an optimal manner. This has also been used in minimizing the use of scarce (imported) materials and maximizing the output. In allocating the country resources to different competing sectors like agriculture, basic investment goods factory consumer goods and services linear programming has been helpful. The Indian Railways are using Linear Programming in a large number of areas. For instance the location of Rajendra Birdge over Ganges linking south Bihar with North Bihar at Mokamah, in preference to other sites has been done with the help of Linear Programming.

1.      Use of Computer in Linear Programming. The information system for applying Linear programming to programming to profit planning in any individual case consists mainly of organizing quantitative data on the objective function and the restraints. The objective function and the restraining conditions in many practical situations are expressed in the form of linear functions usually inequalities, involving a large number of variables. The solution to these problems is obtained by "inverting the matrix in stages by the simplex method" which is illustrated in the next chapter. Since the calculation involved is usually tedious and are required separately in a practical situation as a result of large number of products it has been found beneficial to solve such problems with the help of the speedy electronic computers.

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