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The study of humanities is an academic disciplines that concerns mainly the human condition, using various methods that are principally analytical, and citation needed critical, or speculative, as well-known from the mainly empirical follow-up of the natural sciences.

The study of humanities involves ancient and modern languages, philosophy, religion, literature, history & visual and performing arts for instance as music and theatre. The humanities which are also regarded like a social sciences involves history, area studies, communication studies, anthropology, cultural studies, linguistics and law. Scholars who are working in the humanities are sometimes explained as "humanists". Therefore, that term also explains the philosophical position of humanism that some "antihumanist" scholars in the humanities reject. Some of secondary schools provide humanities classes, typically consisting of global studies, English literature and art.

Human disciplines for instance like cultural anthropology, history, and psychoanalysis study subject matters to which the practical method does not apply, and they have right of entry instead to the comparative research and comparative method.

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The various fields of humanities are given below

• Classics
• History
• Languages
• Law
• English Literature
• Praxeology
• Performing arts
• Music
• Philosophy
• Religion
• Visual arts
• Media types

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