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History is a subject that involves study of past events, particularly about humans. Today, a large number of documented records are referred to as ‘History’ as they are about past events. These records of past events are created in a sequential way by historians. However, some parts of History have also been written by culturally, territorially, & thematically. A person who writes a documented record about History is known as a ‘Historian’.

Every country of this world has its own history, so it’s very vast & has many different parts. It is a very monotonous subject as there is nothing about present, it’s all about past – humans, events, important dates, & places etc. This subject requires enormous hard work to keep the knowledge &, pass on to the next generation. It’s History that has made it possible for us to have the knowledge about past civilizations and the way humans evolved at different periods of time. History tells us about the past human culture.

‘Francis Bacon’ was the first person who used the term ‘History’ in the late 16th century, for his book about ‘Natural History’. In the 20th century, ‘Fernand Braudel’, a French historian added modernization by bringing together geography, engineering, economics, & anthropology in the study of the subject of History.

History is a vast subject and it has many different parts that are taught all over the world.

Some regular parts are -

Cultural History
Public History
People History
Social History
Diplomatic History
Ancient War
World War

History Assignments – There are different topics given to History student for their history assignments and questions of different nature arise while finishing an assignment on this subject.

Some common History assignment topics are - Global History, Modern Times History, America and Vietnam, American history, Cold War Summits, Colonial Lives, Anti War Movements in Modern U.S. History, British Colonial Violence etc-etc.

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History is a theoretical subject, study of human past. It is categorized in cultural history, physical history, religious history and philosophical history or groups. Physical history involves the study of history of universe, populations, planets and physical evolution of life forms. Cultural history involves the study of development of social, languages. Philosophical history involves the study of theoretical aspects of history. The many types of history include among others: , history of computer, , history of Texas , history of programming languages, women history, art history, African American History , Immigration History, , history of money, history of life, history of the television etc. We at ExpertsMind offer email based history homework help, history assignment help and writing papers. We have qualified history experts who can provide you assistance in writing history papers and assignment solutions.