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1.      Qualitative (Attribute) and Quantitative (Variable) Data

The data which are measurable i.e., direct quantitative measurement is fairly possible are called variable data e.g. height, weight, length, breadth, wage etc. Various important statistical methods like measure: of central tendency, dispersion, skewness etc. can be used in the analysis of such data.

Attributes are qualitative characteristics which cannot be measured quantitatively, such as literacy, honesty, beauty, blindness, deafness etc. Thus, attribute data are those for which it is not possible to measure the magnitude. An investigator can only study the presence or absence of a particular quantity in a group of individuals. It is not possible to measure the magnitude of blindness or literacy quantitatively, but one can count the number of persons who have these attributes and those who do not have.

2.      Time Series data or Chronological data  

The data which are collected chronologically i.e., in accordance with time are called time-series data. Thus, in time series data time is the most important and pre-dominant factor. Sometimes they are called historical data as the data collected relate to either past or present. In such data the level of phenomenon measured are related to the change in time. The following is an example of time- series data.

Table No.2.1

The Production of Paddy Under Golaghat sub-division of Assam       



Production of Paddy (in Metric tons)












3.     Spatial or Geographical Data

The data which are collected geographically i.e. in accordance with geographical region are called spatial data. Here place is the dominating factor. The place may be countries, states, districts etc.

Geographical data are usually listed either in alphabetical order or size of the frequencies. The following is an example of geographical data

                                        Table No. 2.2

The population of Five districts of Assam According to 1991 Census


Production ('000)












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