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Thermoelectric Power

Thermo electric power is defined as the rater of charge of thermo with temperature it is also called see beck coefficient and is denoted by S.

From experimental study it was concluded that the variation of thermo e with the temperature C of the hot junction when cold junction is at OC is a parabolic curve represented by the equation

E = a θ + 1/2 βθ2

Where a and β are constants which depend upon the nature of the metals forming the thermocouple and the temperature difference of the two junction. 

The thermoelectric power (called see beck coefficient) is given by 

S = dE/dθ = ∝ + βθ

It means S ∝ θ

Hence the graph between S [ = dE/d θ] and θ will be a straight line AB

When θ = 0 from (ii)

S = dE/dθ = ∝ = OA (the intercept)

It shows that thermoelectric power is independent of the temperature of cold unction 

Since neutral temperature (θn) is that temperature of the hot junction at which thermo in a thermocouple is maximum therefore at neutral temperature dE/d θ = 0 and θ = θn

From (ii) O = ∝ + β θn or θ = - ∝/β

If cold junction is at OC then θi = - 2∝/β


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