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Thermodynamics - Thermodynamics Zeroeth Law

Thermodynamics Zeroeth Law

If two bodies A and B are in thermal equilibrium then B and C are also in thermal equilibrium

Thermometer Principle Temperature range
Mercury Thermometer  Linear expansion -35°C to + 5000°C
Constant Pressure gas Thermometer ?V ∝ ?T 0 K to 500 K
Constant Volume gas Thermometer ?P ∝ ?T 0 K to 500L
Platinum Resistance Thermometer ?R ∝ ?T 500 K to 2300 K
Thermocouple Thermometer emfε = ∝Y + βT2 500K to 2300 K
pyrometer Radiation theory > 2000 K

In mercury thermometer 

?T = ?I / I0α

Is the formula employed, α is linear expansion coefficient.

In constant pressure gas thermometer

?T = ?V / V0γ = ?V x 273 / V0

γ = 1 / 273 for ideal gases.

In constant volume gas thermometer

?T = ?P / P triple point γ = 273 ?P / P triple point

In platinum resistance thermometer

?T = ?R/Rα

Α is thermal coefficient of resistance.

In thermocouple thermometer scale is nonlinear, temperature is either matched with a standard curve supplied by the manufacturer or a digital display is provided. a, and β depend upon the materials used to form thermocouple.

emf ε = [(αT + βT2 )/ 2]

Pyrometer used Stefan’s law

Intensity E = σT4

Relation between different temperature scales

C / 100 = [(F – 32) / 180] = R / 80 = Ra – (460 / 212)

C ----> 0
°C (degree celcius)

F -----> 
°F (degree Fahrenheit)

R -----> Reaumer

Ra -----> Rankine

Triple point of water 273.16 K or 0.16

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