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Moment Of Inertia

Moment of inertia plays the same role in rotational motion as mass in linear motion. Moment of inertia I = ∑mir12,

I = ∫r2 dm for continuous distribution of mass

I = M K2

Where M is the mass of the body and is radius of gyration MOI is a tensor quantity.

Moment of inertia of bodies about an axis passing through their centre of mass (COM) and perpendicular to the plane of the body are given as 

MOI of a ring = mr2

MOI of a disc (solid) mr2 / 2

MOI of a disc (annular) = m / 2 (r12 + r23)

MOI of a cylinder (solid) = mr2 / 2 

MOI of a hollow cylinder = mr2 (if shell type)

= m / 2 (r21 + r22)

MOI of a sphere (shell) = 
2 / 3 mr2

MOI of a solid sphere = 2 / 5 mr2

MOI of a hollow sphere = 2 / 5 m (r21 + r23)

MOI of a rod (cylindrical) = mI2 / 12 

 MOI of a rectangular rod = M (I2 + b2) / 12 

MOI of a rectangular lamina = m ( I2 + b2) / 12

MOI of a ring about one of the diameter is mr/ 2

MOI of a disc about one of the diameters is I = mr2 / 4

MOI of a cylindrical rod about the edge is mI2 / 3 - Physics Assignment Help, Moment Of Inertia Assignment Help, Moment Of Inertia Homework Help, Moment Of Inertia Assignment Tutors, Moment Of Inertia Solutions, Moment Of Inertia Answers, Classical Physics Assignment Tutors

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