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Land Productivity Factors

1. Natural factors: natural factors like soil, climate, rainfall, topography and nature of the coast-line determine whether land produces more or little.

2. Human factors: productivity of land also depends upon the knowledge of trainers and workers. A wise producer can produce more from the same land then an untrained cultivator.

3. Situation factor: the situation of land is of great importance. A land situated near the market is more productive than a land in a remote area. This is because it requires less time and money to transport the product to the market.

4. Qualities of land: the productivity of land depends on its natural qualities. If the land is flat and leveled, it will be more productive than an undulating land.

5. Organization: organization has a pioneer role in the productivity of land. An efficient and capable organizer will be able to make available all those things which are of almost important to increase the productivity of land.

6. Means of irrigation: the means of irrigation also affect the productivity of land which depends on the means of irrigation like canals. Tube wells, tanks etc. are most productive than those which depends on rainfall.

7. Improvements of land: if improvements like hedging, consolidation of land holdings, irrigation channels etc. are made on land, its productivity increases.

8. Improved method of cultivation: the productivity of land also increases if improved methods of cultivation like fertilizers, qualities seeds, mechanized ploughs etc. are used.

9. Ownership of land: if the land is owned by the cultivators, he will take much interest in maximizing the productivity. They encourage the workers also to work hard to enhance the productivity.

10. Government policy and research: agricultural policy and research policy of the government also considerably affects the productivity of land. Agricultural productivity starts increasing when the government adopts a proper agricultural policy and provides requisite inputs like finance, seeds fertilizers to farmers. Similarly land productivity increases if the government encourages research in agriculture. 

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