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As stated already resistance (R) stands for ohmic resistance. It arises on account of material of the conductor (R = p t/ a).

The reactance (X) is the resistance that arises on account of opposing induced due to change in the strength of current. The inductive reactance Xl = w L is the resistance offered by the inductor coil. The capacitative offered by the condenser. As voltage across the inductor leads the current by a phase angle of 90 and voltage across the capacitor lags behind the current by a phase angle of 90 therefore XL and XChave opposite Signs. Total reactance is taken to be ± (XL – XC).

The total effective resistance offered by the RLC circuit is called impedance. It is represented by Z.

From the three phasor, VR = I0 R; VL = I0 XL and Vc = I0 XC, we obtain what is known as impedance triangle for (1).

The base OA of this triangle represents ohmic resistance R, the perpendicular AK represents reactance (XL – XC) and diagonal OK represents the impedance (Z) of the circuit > AOK = ∅ is the phase angle of which voltage leads the currant in the circuit.

The reciprocal of reactance is called susceptance of the circuit and reciprocal of impedance is called admittance of A.C. circuit. Both the susceptance and admittance are measured in mho ohm-1 or sidemen.

A.C. circuit containing resistance and inductance 

Let a source of alternating be connect to an ohmic resistance R and a coil of inductance in series as shown in fig . 

Proceeding as in Art. 12 and ignoring VC as there is no capacitor in the circuit we shall obtain
Fig. represents phasor diagram, of RL circuit.

We find that in RL circuit voltage leads the current by a phase angle∅, where.

Tan ∅ = AK/OA = OL/OA = VL/VR = Io XV/I0 R 

Tan ∅ = XL/R 

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