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We find that hardly a phase of human activity which does not find statistical techniques useful. The ever growing usefulness of Statistics is due to the functions which perform. Some of the most important functions of Statistics are given below

(i)     The complex mass of data is made simple & understandable with the help of statistical methods.     

(ii)    To interpret the various characteristics of data & classification is done by the application of improved techniques of Statistics.

(iii)    To study relationship between two or more phenomena statistical methods are being used.

(iv)   Statistics gives various information's in analysis of data that enlarges individual experience.

(v)    Statistics helps in formulating policies in different fields.

(vi)   Statistical methods are highly useful tools in analysing the past data and predicting future trends.

(vii)   Statistics helps us to arrive at any correct and dependable conslusion.

(viii)  Statistics helps in decision making in the face or uncertainity.

(ix)   The correctness of the laws of the different branches of knowledge can only be tested with the help of Statistics.

(x)    One important function of Statistics is to provide techniques for making comparisons.


Scope and importance of statistics

It is very difficult to describe clearly and-concisely the importance of any particular subject. Statistics being a comprehensive science, it has its application 'to almost all the branches of human knowledge and therefore it becomes more difficult to describe its scope. Even in our day-to-day life we apply statistical methods knowingly or unknowingly. Starting as a science of king now it has covered all branches of science viz. social, physical and natural, The physical sciences do not benefit as much from Statistics as social sciences.

It would be pointless to try to mention all the areas in which statistical methods are used. To mention only a few, Statistics is becoming increasingly important in Agricul­ture, Business and Commerce, Economics, Astronomy, Biology, Engineering, Medical, Meterology, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Insurance, Operations Research, Com­puter Programming, Disaster Management, Demography, Actuarial Science and so on. The use of statistical methods in each of these fields grew in a different way. Statistics is not at the same stage of development in all the different fields of study.


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